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Potential Scam Warning

To all our valued certified translators,

NAATI has become aware that some practitioners are being contacted by people alleging to be from Australian Border Force or the Australian Passport Office saying that there is an issue with their NAATI Certified Translator stamp and requesting personal information and a copy of the practitioner stamp to be sent to them. In some variations the caller says that although their practitioner credential/s can be verified, their stamp is out of date. 

NAATI advises against sending a copy of your stamp to anyone as it could be used fraudulently without your consent.  There is information on our website that you can refer your clients to explaining that the date on a stamp does not affect the validity of the translation

In addition, it is important to note that the NAATI practitioner listing on the Online Directory will only display your current certifications, phone number, email and website address. You can amend what is shown publicly on the Online Directory through your myNAATI account.

NAATI will normally contact you via email from an @naati.com.au address and only if there is a specific reason such as in response to a query, or in relation to an application or an upcoming test.

If you have any doubts regarding the validity of a request or communication, please contact info@naati.com.au to confirm. 

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