To reinforce NAATI’s strong commitment to the ongoing development of our industry, the NAATI Board has set aside up to $250,000 per annum for the Translating and Interpreting Industry Development Fund.

The main purpose of the Industry Development Fund will be to assist projects that address industry issues such as capability, capacity building and innovation that will support our industry into the future.

NAATI is now accepting applications for funding consideration.

Why Are We Offering This?

NAATI’s principal responsibility is to deliver a credentialing system for interpreters and translators that supports the industry as well as delivers the level of expertise and language coverage required by multilingual Australia.

As part of our broader commitment to the interpreting and translating area, we have identified and allocated resources to support an Industry Development Fund which would stand alongside our corporate responsibilities and deliver new resources to enhance the translating and interpreting (T&I) industry.

What Are The Funding Priorities?

NAATI’s Board of Directors considers funding priorities on an annual basis. The priorities are:


The area of capability is concerned with quality issues around the provision of interpreting and translating services. Capability projects should address issues relevant to professional development, practice methodologies and other performance or quality improvement in delivering T&I services and activities. This criterion is both defined by and focused on individual professionals working out in the field.

Capacity Building 

Capacity building refers to the capacity of the overall industry to meet both current and future needs for professional language support in all its facets. Capacity Building projects should address issues relevant to the range and nature of languages in which T&I capacity needs to be developed or enhanced. 

These could include issues specific to new and emerging language communities, approaches to gaining interpreting experience, opportunities for affecting new pipelines for bringing interpreters and translators online.


The area of innovation is a strategic priority for NAATI and is a specific area of consideration to ensure that the credentialing system keeps pace with changes in the industry brought about by disruptive technologies, marketplace changes and industry evolution. Innovation-related projects could explore the impact of new technologies on practice and standard setting or the introduction of testing and credentialing frameworks for the boarder multilingual environment.

How Do I Apply?

Interested parties should submit their registration of interest using the application form.

As part of the application process, you will need to:

  • Select the funding priority your project addresses
  • Select the pillar of NAATI Strategic Plan 2019-2021 your project aligns to
  • Provide details about the project
  • Provide an estimate of project costs

What Happens After I Apply?

After you have submitted an application, NAATI will conduct an initial assessment to determine if your application meets the eligibility criteria for recommendation for funding. Generally this will take about four weeks.

Applications with a budget of over $2000 will then be referred to NAATI’s Sector Development Working Group for review. The timeframe for review by Sector Development Working Group will be 6-8 weeks.

Successful applicants will be contacted and provided with a draft funding contract. Depending on the scale and complexity of the initiative, you may be required to provide final report including a financial acquittal at the completion of the project.

Applications that have merit but do not pass this initial assessment will be returned to the applicant with feedback and an invitation to re-apply with relevant modifications. Applications that do not have merit will be returned to the applicant with feedback about why their application was unsuccessful.