NAATI understands that some aspiring practitioners may find it difficult to access formal training in translating and/or interpreting, due to their language or location. To allow these individuals the opportunity to satisfy the training requirement for NAATI certification testing and Recognised Practising credentials, NAATI offers an alternative pathway.

This pathway involves the completion of a Skill Set consisting of certain AQF units that provide foundational training in translation and interpreting. 

  • Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments (PSPTIS002) – compulsory
  • Prepare to translate and interpret (PSPTIS003) – compulsory
  • Apply codes and standards to ethical practice (PSPTIS001) – compulsory
  • Manage discourses in general settings (PSPTIS042) – interpreting only
  • Read and analyse special purpose English texts to be translated (PSPTIS064) – translating only

Individuals who complete these units will satisfy the training prerequisite for:

  • Recognised Practising Interpreter/Certified Provisional Interpreter 
  • Recognised Practising Translator/Certified Translator

This Skill Set is generally taught in mixed-language cohorts.

The institutions that have informed NAATI that they are currently accepting Skill Set enrolments are:

Babel International College – interpreting only

Deaf Services QLD – Auslan interpreting only

North Metropolitan TAFE (WA) – interpreting only

RMIT University – translating and interpreting

TAFE SA – translating and interpreting

TAFE QLD – interpreting only