Auslan Certified Specialist Health Interpreters (CSHI) are experienced and accomplished interpreters who are experts in interpreting in the health domain. They have completed training and undertake continuous professional development in specialist health interpreting.

They are highly competent language users who understand specialised terminology and have extensive knowledge of the health domain. CSHIs have a sophisticated understanding of their role as members of a healthcare team. They have full and detailed knowledge and understanding of how culture and language interact, and the relevant codes of ethics and professional standards in the health domain.

While CSHIs may work in the same institutions as Certified Interpreters, they are competent to interpret complex, specialised, expert-to-expert communication in those institutions.

NAATI’s Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test is an objective assessment of the  skills and competencies  needed to practice as a specialist interpreter in the health domain in Australia.

Candidates must hold a Certified Interpreter Certification to be eligible to sit the Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test.

See the Certification Scheme Design Summary for pathways.

What Will The Test Ask Me To Do?

The Auslan Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test has two parts:

  1. Knowledge Test
    • With six sections
  2. Interpreting Test
    • With four interpreting tasks

You must first sit and pass the Knowledge Test to be eligible to sit the Interpreting Test. Each test will be held once a year (subject to demand).


Apply for the Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test through your myNAATI account.

You do not need to apply separately to sit the Knowledge test.

The Auslan Knowledge Test will be held approximately once a year and scheduled approximately six months before the Interpreting Test.

Tests are scheduled based on demand.