Certified Provisional Interpreters transfer non-complex, non-specialised messages from a source language into a target language that accurately reflects the meaning.

NAATI’s Certified Provisional Interpreter Test is an objective assessment of the skills and competencies needed to practice as an interpreter in Australia.

What Will The Test Ask Me To Do?

The Certified Provisional Interpreter Test involves three tasks:

  • Two consecutive interpreting face-to-face dialogue tasks
  • One consecutive interpreting remote dialogue task (via telephone)

Each task is delivered as a live role-play. There will be two Role-Players for each role-play, one English-speaking and one speaking the test language. 

You will be required to interpret in consecutive mode for each of the Role-Players. Each task will last 10-12 minutes and will be set in a different domain.

An example of the remote dialogue task
What Do I Need To Know Before I Sit My Test?

Make sure you read and understand the following information before your test:

Sample Materials and Test Preparation

We have a Certified Provisional Interpreter test preparation module available on our learning management system, NAATI Learn, and anyone can enrol. Enrol here to access the following:

  • Practice dialogues available in 35+ languages, with more languages to be added
  • built-in audio recorder allows you to record and download your own performance
  • Self-assessment tools, including a freshly developed self-review sheet to allow you to critically assess your own performance.


To apply for certification, you need to register your email in our customer portal, myNAATI. After you have registered, you can make your application from the myNAATI portal.