A Recognised Practising credential is granted in languages in which NAATI is unable to deliver testing on a regular basis. A practitioner who holds a Recognised Practising credential has satisfied the minimum training requirements stipulated by NAATI and has recent and regular experience as a translator and/or interpreter.

Recognised Practising credentials do not have equal status with certification, nor do they stipulate a specific level of transfer competency.

How Do I Get Recognised Practising?

Potential translators or interpreters need to prove they have obtained the basic experience and ability that a Recognised Practising credential demonstrates.

This is done through providing specific proof of:

If applying for Recognised Practising Deaf Interpreter (RPDI) you will need to provide evidence of:

  • Completing appropriate Deaf Interpreter training (i.e. through a Deaf Society or NAATI Endorsed Qualification)
  • You proficiency in Auslan (e.g. via a reference letter from a Deaf Society)
  • Relevant work experience as a Deaf interpreter

Work Practice Requirements

For work experience as a translator: you must have dealt with the written word and translated written messages from one language into another.

For work experience as an interpreter: you must have dealt with the spoken word or signed language, and interpreted what someone said from one language into another.

Work experience as a bilingual worker cannot be considered.

Given the range and nature of the languages in which Recognised Practising credential can be awarded, NAATI acknowledges there are situations where little work is available. NAATI will consider each application based on its merits, considering the levels of demand for services in that language.

Can I Apply For Both Recognised Practising & Certification?

If you are awarded a Recognised Practising credential, you have met all of the prerequisites to sit a Certified Provisional Interpreter or Certified Translator test.

Recognised Practising credential will not be awarded in all languages. If there is already a strong pool of certified practitioners or if NAATI offers certification testing on a regular basis for your language, we will not award Recognised Practising. If we do not award Recognised Practising for your language, you will be able to lodge an application for certification testing.

Please note: you cannot claim CCL points if you are awarded a Recognised Practising credential.

A Recognised Practising credential cannot act as a skills assessment.


To apply for certification, you need to register your email in our customer portal, myNAATI. After you have registered, you can make your application from the myNAATI portal.