NAATI advises all candidates to read the following information before sitting their test.

General Information

NAATI CCL tests are delivered over the internet via Microsoft Teams. Candidates should adhere to the following rules when taking the test:

  • Candidates must have a suitable device for the test delivery – a computer, laptop or tablet that has a camera and microphone.
  • The test must be completed in a location that is free of distractions, background noise and other people. The test location will be checked at the start of the test.
  • Devices (including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other smart devices) other than the device being used to take the test must be turned off. Any candidates using a device to record or photograph test materials or communicate with a third party will have their test cancelled.
  • In order to take to the test, candidates will need to provide proof of their identity (i.e. the photo ID provided with your application –normally your driver’s licence or passport). This should be shown to the camera prior to the start of the test.
  • If there is any doubt as to the identity of the test taker, the test will not proceed.
  • The video of the test will be recorded and reviewed prior to the test performance being assessed. Any non-compliance to NAATI’s test policy may result in the test being invalidated.
  • All candidates will be required to be online and logged in to the session at the time advised. If you are late you will not be tested.

Please note: It is expected a CCL test is completed in about 20 minutes. If your test runs for longer than this time, NAATI reserves the right to cease the test. The assessment will be made on the performance to that point.


In Order to access the NAATI CCL test, a candidate will need to have a suitable device

  • If using a computer or laptop the test will be available via an internet browser – Microsoft Edge or Chrome are preferable
  • It is recommended that the Microsoft Teams App is downloaded from the App / Play Store. The app is free and no account is needs to be created
  • You are required to use a headset during your test. This can be standard mobile phone earphones or a dedicated video conference style headset.
    • Please synchronise your headset to your device before the test. Separate and built in speakers are not allowed due to audio issues.

Visit the website to access sample tests.

Test Description

CCL tests are conducted from a recording which is played to you by a testing officer. Your responses are recorded for marking. The recording will include two dialogues. Each test dialogue is based on a conversation between an English speaker and a speaker of your LOTE.

CCL Candidates must be able to:

  • Participate effectively in exchanges where relatively simple information is exchanged without any great deviation from the norms of pronunciation, standard of expression, style and register; and
  • Give the sense of what is said by the speakers and demonstrate accurate comprehension and production in both English and the LOTE

Each of the dialogues will be from different situations and settings.


Real-life situations which typically form part of Australian society: health, legal, community, immigration/settlement, education, social services, financial, housing, business, employment, insurance and consumer affairs.


You will not have access to any materials during the actual test. You are not permitted to use any electronic resources during the CCL test session; however, you may refer to any written notes made during your test.

You are allowed to wear wrist watches (NO smartwatches) to keep track of your time during the test.

If you require hearing aids, please inform NAATI at least one week before your test date by sending pictures and the model number of your hearing aids to

Task Instructions
  1. You will be greeted by the Test Invigilator online
  2. The Test Invigilator will complete the necessary pre-test administration including ID and room check.
  3. Once this administration is completed the Test Invigilator will advise you that the test will start.
  4. During the dialogues you are required to convey the sense of what each speaker says into the other language. This means that you should start your response soon after the segment is finished. A delay of 5 seconds is permitted without penalty.
  5. The maximum test time is 20 minutes. The Test Invigilator will stop the candidate at this time after announcing “Maximum test time reached. End of test.”
Repeats Policy

You may ask the Test Invigilator for any segment to be repeated. In such instances, the whole segment will be repeated. The first repetition in each dialogue may be requested without penalty; however, any further requests for the repetitions may be penalised by the examiner.

Clarifications, Repeats, Pauses & Corrections

You are not allowed to ask for a clarification of any part of the segment and the Test Invigilator cannot provide any advice about the test content. Lengthy pauses and repeated reworking (self-checking) of segments will be viewed as distracting significantly from the dynamics of the test task.

If you realise during the test that you have made an error, you are permitted to insert a correction of that part before continuing. Any corrections should be prefaced by some suitable phrase (Sorry I’ll just say that part again).

Test Supervision

During the test, a Test Invigilator will be online to record the test, manage the start and finish times of the tasks and manage any unforeseen issues. The Test Invigilator is not permitted to engage in a discussion about the content of the task or comment on your performance. You must follow the Test Invigilator’s instructions at all times. Failure to do so may result in you being disqualified from participating in CCL testing.

Test Recording

Your test will be recorded by the Test Invigilator for assessment purposes. This recording will be retained by NAATI after the marking of your test in completed.


By participating in the testing, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of the test materials.

How Do I Access My Test?

  • Once your online test has been scheduled you will receive an email from NAATI as below. This will confirm your test date and time but will not have the link for the test.
  • Around one week prior to your test date, NAATI will email you with the link to your online test.
  • Click accept and the test details will go into your calendar. The link to join the test is at the bottom of this email where is says ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’
  • Just before the time of your test, please click on the link in the email to open and join the test meeting. If you are on a laptop / computer the browser will open as below:
  • If you have the Teams app you can launch from here and use that for the test. If not, click on the join the web instead button.
  • You will need to click allow to let the app access your microphone and camera in order to conduct the test
  • You should ensure the audio and video options are selected and click Join Now. A NAATI Test Invigilator will then join the meeting and start the test.