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10 Mar 2020

Introducing Certified Provisional Deaf Interpreter

As part of our new certification system NAATI has introduced a Certified Provisional Deaf Interpreter test. The first round of testing was held in Melbourne and Perth in November 2019. A total of nineteen candidates participated in this first test round. The test was developed through consultation with members of the Deaf community including Deaf...

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18 Feb 2020

Associate Professor Hendrika Martine Crezee

Associate Professor “Ineke” Crezee from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), as many of us in the translating and interpreting field know her, woke up to a wonderful surprise on New Year’s Eve before heading into 2020. She was appointed by Her Majesty The Queen as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM)...

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19 Nov 2019

How Much Should We Be Charging?

About the author: Maddy has been working as a Spanish->English translator for over 5 years, and is hoping to gain certification in Portuguese soon too. Her interest in Spanish, along with a fascination with Latin America, began many years ago on a high school exchange in Argentina. She specialises in medical translation, with a particular passion...

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05 Nov 2019

Ethical Dilemma

“Dr, Does Lily Still Need to Continue with the Antibiotics?” I was in a deep sleep and still dreaming, when all of a sudden, I was awakened by a familiar buzzing sound by my bedside table. I reached out for it thinking; “Who would want to call me at this time?” It was a call...

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17 Oct 2019

New Multi-lingual Anatomy App: Rumbalpuy Dhäwu

Yow bukmak! (Hi everyone!) Ŋäku dhäwu mala rumbalpuy Yolŋukurr! (Listen to stories of the body in Yolŋu-matha!) ARDS is pleased to announce that ARDS Aboriginal Corporation’s new multi-lingual anatomy app, Rumbalpuy Dhäwu, is now available for download at your favorite app store. (Search for “Rumbalpuy Dhawu” at Google Play or the App Store). Covering four...

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08 Oct 2019

The Customer is Always Right

Years ago, when I was working as a junior salesgirl in a clothing store, we were taught that the customer was our number one priority – “the customer is always right” was the motto. Now many years later working as a translator from Bahasa Indonesia into my own language of English, there are times where...

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