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17 Oct 2019

New Multi-lingual Anatomy App: Rumbalpuy Dhäwu

Yow bukmak! (Hi everyone!) Ŋäku dhäwu mala rumbalpuy Yolŋukurr! (Listen to stories of the body in Yolŋu-matha!) ARDS is pleased to announce that ARDS Aboriginal Corporation’s new multi-lingual anatomy app, Rumbalpuy Dhäwu, is now available for download at your favorite app store. (Search for “Rumbalpuy Dhawu” at Google Play or the App Store). Covering four...

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08 Oct 2019

The Customer is Always Right

Years ago, when I was working as a junior salesgirl in a clothing store, we were taught that the customer was our number one priority – “the customer is always right” was the motto. Now many years later working as a translator from Bahasa Indonesia into my own language of English, there are times where...

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30 Sep 2019

Getting The Most From Health Translations

Do you use Health Translations when preparing for assignments? The website, funded by the Victorian Government and managed by the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH), is an online library of more than 20,000 multilingual resources in 107 languages (including Auslan, Easy English and Plain English) related to health and community services.It is targeted at...

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17 Sep 2019

Success in the Torres Strait

The stunning Thursday Island in the Torres Strait provided an amazing setting for the first Community Language Aide (CLA) assessments in an Indigenous language. This July, NAATI travelled to the Torres Strait to test 10 Border Movement Officers, who work for the Department of Home Affairs throughout the area, in Yumplatok which they use in...

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08 Aug 2019

Guide for Healthcare Professionals

The Competency Standards Framework is the recommended standards for clinicians working in healthcare settings. Delivering quality care to people from migrant and refugee backgrounds requires health professionals to adopt culturally responsive practices and communication skills to work effectively with this group of people. The Migrant Women’s Health Partnership (MRWHP) brings together consultation groups, with the goal of developing...

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18 Jul 2019

Words from a Translations Project Manager

Friday, 4:45pm. Ordinary close-of-business meeting. Every day, before we shut off, we have a team meeting to plan the next day. I confess, rigorous planning is a key skill for a good project manager. But there is something more important than that. But I am getting ahead of myself. Objectives become outcomes. We take the...

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