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OngoingOnline2M AcademyVarious PD Webinars
OngoingOnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingVideo Remote Interpreting Self-Paced Course
OngoingOnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingVarious Self-Paced Online Modules
7 May 2021OnlineAUSITTranslating Popular Science Texts from Japanese into English Part II
8 May 2021OnlineASLIAASLIAQ – Emotional Intelligence for Interpreters
8 May 2021Morialta Conservation ParkASLIAASLIA SA – Walk and Talk
10 May 2021OnlineASLIAASLIAQ 2021 P-Platers Session Two
12 May 2021OnlineASLIAASLIAQ 2021 May General Meeting
13 May 2021OnlineAUSITInterpreting in Mental Health Settings
15 May 2021OnlineAUSITArabic Discussion: T&I Mental Health Settings
15 May 2021OnlineAUSITSight Translation: Workshop 2
17 May 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingIntroduction to the Musculoskeletal System: Part 2 – The Muscular System
22 May 2021OnlineASLIAEthical Reasoning Skills and Interpreting Profession
22 May 2021OnlineLanguage Master TrainerInterpreting in Healthcare Settings
22 May 2021OnlineAUSITNSW: Networking Discussion Interpreting Specific Workshop or Translating Specific Workshop
23 May 2021TBCASLIACanberra Quarterly Quandary
24 May 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Medical Interpreting
29 May 2021Mount Claremont Community CentreASLIAASLIA WA Back to Basics
29 May 2021OnlineAUSITSome Common Errors in Translation: Strategies on How To Avoid Them (English into Spanish)
31 May 2021OnlineASLIARecertification: Tips, Tricks and How-to
31 May 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingUnderstanding Pain
20 June 2021ASLIAWA: CPI Test Workshop
25 June 2021OnlineASLIAJune Cross Border Chat
28 June 2021OnlineASLIACI Online Forum – Designated Interpreting
12 July 2021OnlineASLIAASLIAQ 2021 P-Platers Session Three
26 July 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Tandem Interpreting