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OngoingOnline2M AcademyVarious PD Webinars
OngoingOnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingVideo Remote Interpreting Self-Paced Course
OngoingOnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingVarious Self-Paced Online Modules
Various DatesOnlineMonash UniversityIntroduction to Interpreting in Family Violence Settings
10-24 July 2021OnlineMonash UniversityCourt Interpreting in Family Violence Matters
24 July 2021OnlineAUSITAn Afternoon of Poetry Translation
24 July 2021Language Masters TrainerNote Taking Skills for Cantonese Interpreters
26 July 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Tandem Interpreting
31 July 2021OnlineAUSITACT & NSW: Ethics of Personal Document Translation
14 August 2021OnlineMonash UniversityCourt Interpreting
14, 21 & 28 August 2021Caulfield, VICMonash UniversitySimultaneous Interpreting
15 August 2021WAASLIAASLIA WA August CPDI Test Workshop
16 August 2021OnlineASLIAASLIA WA August Cross Border Chat
23 August 2021OnlineASLIACI Online Forum – Mental Health Interpreting
25 August 2021OnlineASLIAASLIA VIC/TAS: August General Meeting
28 August 2021Zillmere HallASLIAASLIAQ: Working Collaboratively: Deaf and Hearing Interpreters
6 September 2021OnlineASLIAASLIAQ P-Platers Session Four
27 September 2012OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Mental Health Interpreting
1 October 2021OnlineASLIAOctober Cross Border Chat
4 October 2021OnlineASLIAASLIA VIC/TAS: October General Meeting
10 October 2021WAASLIAASLIA WA October CPI Test Workshop
25 October 2021OnlineASLIACI Online Forum – Conference Interpreting
8 November 2021OnlineASLIAASLIAQ P-Platers Session Five
16 November 2021OnlineASLIAASLIA VIC/TAS: November General Meeting
14 November 2021WAASLIAASLIA WA October CI Test Workshop
22 November 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Education Interpreting
14 December 2021OnlineASLIAASLIA VIC/TAS: December General Meeting
17 December 2021OnlineASLIADecember Cross Border Chat