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OngoingOnlineUniversity of GlasgowInterpreting for Refugees
OngoingOnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingVideo Remote Interpreting Self-Paced Course
27 January 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingIntroduction to Aged Care
28 January 2021OnlineAUSITPortuguese Translators and Interpreters Online Meeting
3 February 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingCultural Competence – Interpreters
6 February 2021OnlineAUSITQLD: Welcoming 2021
6 February 2021OnlineASLIACross Border Chat
10 February 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingAged Care Assessment Tools and Care Planning
14 FebruaryASLIAWA: CPI Test Workshop
17 February 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingUnderstanding Dementia
20 February 2021OnlineLanguage Master Trainer (LMT)Working with Police Webinar
22 February 2021OnlineASLIACI Online Forum – Legal Interpreting
27 February 2021OnlineASLIAMentoring Workshop
27 February 2021OnlineAUSITArabic Interpreters and Translators Virtual Get Together
3 March 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingContinence Foundation of Australia
17 March 2021OnlineConversations: Interpreting & TranslatingUnderstanding Palliative Care
22 March 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Legal Interpreting
16 April 2021OnlineASLIAApril Cross Border Chat
24 April 2021ASLIAWA: CI Test Workshop
26 April 2021OnlineASLIACI Online Forum – Medical Interpreting
24 May 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Medical Interpreting
20 June 2021ASLIAWA: CPI Test Workshop
25 June 2021OnlineASLIAJune Cross Border Chat
28 June 2021OnlineASLIACI Online Forum – Designated Interpreting
26 July 2021OnlineASLIACPI Online Forum – Tandem Interpreting