It is our aim to answer some questions you may have on the various stages that you go through from applying for a CCL test to when you receive your results.

Can I email ID documents to NAATI?

We cannot add ID documents to your application after you have submitted it.

If you forget to add attach your ID documents with your application, then your application will be rejected.  You will be required to submit a new application along with you ID documents.

Your new application will be processed in the order it is received.

Read: Submit an Application

Why was my application rejected?

There can be several reasons as to why your application can be rejected. The reason for rejection will be clearly outlined in your email along with further instruction. 

Why has Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) been applied to be application fee?

NAATI products and services are charged in Australian dollars and where applicable include Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). For many international residents GST is not payable and NAATI does not apply it.

NAATI is aware of an issue in our system whereby some international candidates are receiving invoices which state that GST has been applied. This is a system issue which we are working on.

Can I sit the test from overseas?

Yes. All CCL tests are conducted online.

Test Booking
Can NAATI book a test date for me?


NAATI staff cannot book a test date for you.  To book a test date you will need to log onto your myNAATI portal and select a test date that is available to you.   

If no available dates appear for the location you have selected, this means there are no current test spaces available.  You can either change location or keep checking myNAATI regularly to see if there have been any cancellations or further test dates added.  

How can someone be offering an earlier test date?

NAATI is aware of several companies and individuals offering this type of service. NAATI does not provide any company or individual preferential access to test places and we actively pursue anyone who tries to manipulate our booking system. We will invalidate the test of any candidate found to have used a service such as this and are always working to ensure all candidates have equal access to test dates. There is no time limit to select a test spot after your application has been processed. We suggest you keep checking myNAATI regularly.   

Can I change my payment method?

No. Once you have submitted your application you are not able to change or select a different payment method.

If you want to change how you pay you will need to send an email to Your application will be cancelled. You will need to submit a new application and select your preferred payment method.

I cannot see the test date on the Manage my Test screen. It says “to be scheduled”. The only option is to apply for a refund.

If there are no test spots available, the system will show you the message “to be scheduled”.

Please be patient. Our booking portal is live and is updated daily. We advise you to keep checking myNAATI on a regular basis.

Reschedule, Refund & Cancellation
How can I reschedule my test session?

In order to reschedule your test, you must reject your original test and then select another test date.

Please note: When you reject the first test, you will lose your current test spot and the next date could be weeks away from your current date. There is no guarantee you will be able to select the same test date (the one you have rejected) again.

  • If your test date is in more than 7 days, you can change it by logging into myNAATI. 
  • If your test date is in less than 7 days, you cannot change it.

Refer to the cancellation policy: Terms and Conditions

If for any reason other than those mentioned in the cancellation policy, you are unable to attend the session, please inform us and we will withdraw your application. 100% of the fee will be retained.

If you would like to sit the test at a later date, please submit a new application, select a test date and make another payment.  

Can I change my language?

Candidates can change their language, at no cost, if the test date is more than 7 days from the date of change. If the test date is within 7 days from the date of change a 100% penalty (i.e. $800) will be applicable.

Language requests can be submitted to

To change the language a second time, candidates are advised to withdraw their application, submit a refund form (eligible refund is 75%) to and then submit a new application.

I got sick and want to change my test date. I sent an email along with my medical certificate, but my test has not been rescheduled.

Rescheduling or cancellation within 7 days of your test date is not possible unless the candidate provides evidence of hospital admission, serious injury or an accident. This is because we “lock in” the test sessions to enable planning and preparation.

If you have been admitted to hospital, or suffered a serious injury or accident, you must provide evidence to by 8am (Canberra time) on the test day at the very latest. The medical certificate or hospital admission must state the nature of the illness. For more information, refer to the cancellation policy: Terms and Conditions.

How can I apply for a refund?

You need to complete the refund form and send to

It can take 14-21 days to process a refund and then receive the credit to your account. Please note NAATI will refund the payment to the same account it was paid from.

If you receive a Credit Note this means NAATI is processing your refund request. Your funds will be credited within 5 -10 business days of receiving the credit note to the same bank account/credit card you paid from. 

Personal Details
Can I update or change my address?


Please send us documentary evidence such as an Australian driver’s licence or an Australian Government issued photo ID card and we will amend your address.

My full name is not appearing on my profile.

There are three sections in the name category; a) Given name, b) Other names and c) Family name and it should be filled as follows to make sure your full name displays on your profile:

Example 1: 
Candidate Name: John Harison-Mcdonald
First Name: John
Other Name: Leave it blank
Family Name: Harison-Mcdonald 

Example 2:
Candidate Name: Mousa Khalil Bakar bin Issa
First Name: Mousa
Other Name: Leave it blank
Family Name: Khalil Bakar bin Issa

What should I do if my full name is not printed in my CCL letter?

Your name is printed based on the details that were entered on the myNAATI portal. Any name change or correction must be sent in writing to attaching a copy of your valid ID, such as a passport or Australian driver’s licence within 7 days of receiving your result.

My old address is mentioned in my credential letter. How can I get a new letter with my current address?

The address mentioned in the credential letter is the one available in our record at the time of issuing the letter. We expect that candidates maintain their profile updated in myNAATI account. 

If your result has been issued in the last 30 calendar days,  NAATI can issue a new credential letter. 

If your result has been issued more than 30 calendar days, NAATI can not issue a revised credential letter. Instead we will issue a supporting letter mentioning your current address. 

Please provide us documentary evidence (driving license, utility bill excluding mobile bill, lease copy) clearly showing your full name and new address to issue a new credential / supporting letter. 

Test Day Enquiries
My passport has expired since I applied for my test, and I have applied for a renewal. What should I do?

Please send a copy of other ID documents such as an Australian driver’s licence or Australian Government issued photo ID card to to enable use to update your file.

It is recommended you bring your original ID on test day.  

How do I inform NAATI that I use a hearing aid and am concerned about audio interference? 

Candidates who wear a hearing aid are required to provide to NAATI a current medical certificate about their condition, related medical reports for the past 12 months, the hearing aid model number and photos clearly showing the model number. This information must be sent to at least three days before the candidate’s test date.

Modifications to how the test is undertaken are not possible.

Is there a time limit on CCL tests?

There is a national time of 20 minutes per test. We may cease a test if it runs too long.

Refer to the Candidate Instructions.

How can I report an incident during my test?

Any test issues should be reported within 24 hours via email to Any incidents reported after this time frame will not be taken into consideration. Any test issues or incidents will be investigated, and a response provided as soon as the investigation has finished.  Please ensure that you tell us your customer number in the subject line as without this a response may be delayed. 

While reporting a complaint, please mention your customer number in the subject line. Your complaint will be thoroughly investigated and it may take up to two weeks for us to respond.

What are the most common mistakes people make in the CCL test?

Here are the most common reasons candidates did not achieve their desired result in the CCL test. Try to pay particular attention to these areas to increase your chance of success.

  • Major omissions, distortions and/or unjustified insertions
  • Grammatical errors in English or LOTE (language other than English)
  • Excessive use of English words in LOTE. Please read the Language Policy for CCL Tests for more information.
  • Literal and unidiomatic transfer of meaning of the segment
  • Taking excessive repeats in dialogues. Please note the Repeats Policy as part of the Candidate Instructions.
  • Excessive pauses, self-corrections and lack of flow
  • Not completing the test within the time frame.

I am not satisfied with my results. What can I do?

A paid review is only available to candidates whose initial result is 58 or higher. The result will be the average result of three examiners, the two that originally marked the tests and a third examiner.

A paid review result can take up to three weeks and the result will be sent to you via email.

Note: You cannot submit a new application and an application for a paid review at the same time.

However, if you submit a new application and have not selected a test date yet, please write to us ( and provide your consent to withdraw your application. Once the application is withdrawn, you will be able to submit a paid review request.

What is the validity of CCL results?

A CCL result or Credential Letter is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Can I renew my CCL credentials?

If your credentials have expired, you need to take the test again.

You can submit an application 6 months prior to the date of the expiry of the existing credential.

I can’t find what I’m looking for on the website or in the FAQs.

Please send us an email at