How do I apply for certification testing?

If you do not already hold NAATI certification for another language or skill, you can submit a “Certification & Recognised Practising” application through your myNAATI portal. If you already hold a NAATI certification, please use the “Additional Certifications” application instead.

How can I update my application?

You cannot add additional documentation to your application through your myNAATI portal once you have submitted it. If you need to provide NAATI with additional information, please email and quote your application reference number.

Why was my application rejected?

There can be several reasons as to why your application can be rejected.  The reason for rejection will be clearly outlined in your email along with further instruction.

Test Booking
Can I reserve a space in a test session before my application is approved?

You cannot select a test session until your application has been assessed by NAATI. Once you have received an email confirming that you are eligible for testing, you will be able to select a test date.

How do I selected a test date?

You will be able to book into any available test session through the “Manage My Tests” section of your myNAATI portal.

How do I pay for a test date?

Once you have selected a test session, an invoice will be generated. You can either pay via credit card through the “My Bills” section of your myNAATI account, or through Electronic Funds Transfer using NAATI’s BSB and account details provided in your invoice.

I can’t see any test dates

If you cannot see any test dates in your myNAATI portal, this means that all scheduled sessions are currently full, or no test dates have yet been scheduled for your chosen language. We review our test schedule every month and try to meet demand wherever possible by increasing capacity or scheduling additional sessions. All eligible candidates who have not selected a test date will be notified via email once new test sessions have been scheduled.

Test Results
When will I receive my test results?

Certification test results are generally issued within 8-10 weeks of the test being sat.

Can I apply for a supplementary test?

If you are eligible for a supplementary test, you will receive an email from NAATI along with your results with information about how to apply for a supplementary test.

I am not happy with my results. What can I do?

NAATI has a number of measures in place to ensure that the result you receive reflects your performance on the day of the test. These include, but are not limited to, multiple independent examiners marking each test, bench-marking between examiner panels of different languages to ensure expected standard deviations of results are consistent, and bench-marking between different rounds of testing in each language. Each candidate also has the opportunity to appeal their result and have it marked by an additional examiner. You can apply for a review through your myNAATI portal. If the review results in a pass, the review fee will be refunded.

Why can’t I see the review option in my portal?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to apply for a review of your test results through your myNAATI portal including:

  • You have already applied to sit the test again. You cannot apply for a review if you have a new application already in progress. If you would like to have your results reviewed, please email so that we can withdraw your new test application.
  • It has been more than 30 days since you received your results. All test reviews need to be requested within 30 days of the results being issued.
  • Your test application was sponsored. If your test application was sponsored by a 3rd party and you would like to apply for a review of your test results, please email Sponsors generally will not cover the cost of a test review so NAATI will need to send you the invoice directly
Reschedule, Refund & Cancellation:
How can I reschedule my session?

You can reject a test session through your myNAATI portal up until 5 weeks prior to the test date. Once you have rejected the session, you will be able to select a new test date through your portal. If you need to reschedule within 5 weeks of the test date, please email to discuss your options.

I want to withdraw my application and apply for a refund.

Refer to the cancellation policy: Terms and Conditions.